What is USDZ?

USDZ, or Universal Scene Description Zip File, is a brand new way to share AR files across the internet using only a link. Before this, only third-party software enabled this capability. This new technology is a breakthrough in AR advancements as its easier than ever to create and share AR files. Announced at Apples Keynote this past June, were leading the industry in adopting this new tech and we cant wait to share it with you!

  • Realistic models that change and interact with your environment
  • Shareable, easy to use
  • iOS12 Compatible

Project Video

About Chick-fil-AR

Were creating a new way for Chick-fil-As loyal customer base to receive rewards at our participating restaurants. This idea was sparked by seeing the impact of the Chick-fil-A One app, and how many people look forward to either redeeming or passing on their rewards to family and friends. We are expanding the experience by allowing our customers to photograph a unique QR code that is personalized to their reward, and a USDZ model will appear with what theyve been given! Even better, customers can interact with this model in their environment by resizing it, screenshotting it, and sharing it with their community. As of right now, our current promotions include the CFA Cow and an 8-count Nugget.

Social Deliverables

User Experience Map

Check out how the technology will be used in the real world.